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We answer all your questions about security door locks and how to keep keys in order. Learn more about ways to get organized and which locks are best for your door and windows.

Is it possible to replace or install a lock for my mailbox?

Absolutely! Experts at Locksmith Gardena explain that installation or replacement of lock for a standard mailbox is possible. Replacement is typically done if you are using an existing mail box previously owned by another user. Documents placed inside a mailbox also needs appropriate security measures. If you lose a mailbox key, a replacement may also be provided.

How to maintain locks?

To keep your locks working smoothly, maintenance must be done. This is true especially for exterior door locks that are easily exposed to dirt. There are several lock-lubricating products available today such as light lubricating oil, graphite powders and Teflon-containing sprays. All purpose lubricants such as WD40 are not usually recommended by locksmiths as they eventually evaporate into residue that attracts grime and dirt.

Can transponder keys be reprogrammed easily?

You must have knowledge of their technical characteristics and the right equipment in order to reprogram your transponder key. If the car security system is jammed, it's best to call the automotive locksmiths of our company in Gardena because they have the right machinery to program transponder keys. They will need the vehicle identification number.

What is the best lock molding scheme?

As a starting point, our experts recommend that the architrave is somewhat far away from your frame. This will allow you to have the 17mm distance requirement. In fact this can be of help when changing the latch or fitting a new bar.

Why can’t I insert the key into the lock?

The cylinder may be blocked or broken. If it’s cold outside, it could be frozen. Alternatively, the key’s blade may be damaged or bent.

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