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Fast Home Lockout Assistance

With our 24-hour lock service, you are always in good hands. If you cannot get inside your home because you’ve lost your key or your lock has failed, we can help. Just get in touch with us to receive assistance quickly. Our residential locksmith services cover the entire local area. We use only safe techniques for door opening and are able to let our customers back into their home in minutes. You can also count on us to solve the underlying problem on the spot. In case of lost keys, we’ll rekey the lock and give you a set of new keys to use. If the door lockset is damaged, rely on us to fix it or replace it, depending on how bad the damage is. Your home will be secure once again before you know it.Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith Fixing All Locks

Our company works with door locksets of all brands, types and designs without exception. If you have a problem, count on us to take care of it. Stickiness is a common issue and its solution involves repairing, cleaning and lubing the affected device. Our service includes a close inspection of the key for identifying if it could be the cause of the problem. In case it has a dull tip, peaks or valleys or a bent blade, we’ll replace it for you in the shortest possible time. Some problems such as a broken cylinder or locking mechanism of a home lock require a more complex solution. In such cases, we’ll replace the broken component or the entire device, depending on its design, make and overall condition.

New Lock Installation for Higher Security

Many homeowners change their exterior door locksets when the devices get way too old and can no longer be repaired. However, it is wiser to take a more security-orientated approach and opt for upgrading on a regular basis. Count on us as residential locksmith specialists to help you with this. Our first task will be to assist you with choosing the new devices. There is a wide selection of both mechanical and digital models with all kinds of advanced capabilities. We’ll give you an understanding of all features for added protection, such as reinforced strike plates and saw-resistant bolts. Rely on us to install your new locks with precision to give you super smooth operation. It's important to note that you shouldn't use too much force when turning the key or entering the access code with the keypad. Following these guidelines will ensure the locks' longevity.

Whether it's emergency assistance or door lock upgrading that you need, our company is here to provide the professional services you require, promptly. At Locksmith Gardena, we have skilled technicians and advanced tools. 

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