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Know where your keys are?

09/13/2013 Back To Blog

Even though they are so small keys are relatively a big responsibility. When we are trusted with the pair of keys, we are actually trusted with great task – something that sometimes we are simply not ready for. Most of us have our keys on us at all the times; but then again there are those people that leave their keys all over the place. And the worst thing is that you cannot actually blame them because all of us have misplaced pair of keys at least once in our lives. It almost makes you wonder about what is up with these keys. Why are they so hard and sometimes almost impossible to hold on? It seems like more we are warned about the importance of not losing the key we have major tendency to do exactly that.Know where your keys are?

Make back up key

If you belong to that group of people that is constantly in search of the proper keys and that on average spends at least few hours per week admiring proper door and waiting for someone of your households members comes and opens the door then you should definitely try to back yourself up with spare key. Spare key solution is definitely not for everybody since it may be a double edged sword. On the one side it can save you from kissing the door each time you come home without your main key and then on the other hand it may set you back even more if you manage to misplace the spare key as well.

Trust your key to your neighbor

If you happen to have neighbors that at the same time are your friend and people that you can fully trust then this is the answer to all you problems. You should trust them with your spare key and hope they spend as much as possible of their time indoors.

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