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Proper Key Handling

09/13/2013 Back To Blog

What is the proper key handling? Is there such a thing as proper key handling? Well if we would ask professional residential locksmith service providers, emergency locksmith companies, commercial locksmith business and all other professional profiles directly involved with the locksmith industry we bet they would have quite to say on the matter. If you would make the same question to regular people the answer would probably be something like not losing the key is proper way of handling the key. And you know what; this answer definitely could not be qualified as a bad answer.Proper Key Handling

Take good care of your keys

It is absolutely essential that you take a great care of your keys. You should know at all times who are the people that have your keys and where is your key or set of keys.ly It is high advisable to trust a reliable person with our home’s key or car’s key but it is definitely not advisable to give away our keys as if they were candies. There are some scenarios where giving our keys away to someone may constitute this great declaration of love and commitment. But be careful with statements of that type, in fact if you are not one hundred per cent sure you are going to share the same address with the person in question for at least four or five upcoming years go with a candy box, go with flowers, go with jewelry but stick to your key.

Use your keys for opening locks and nothing else

Make sure your keys are just keys and not can openers, scissors, beer openers, screw drivers, knives, hammers, scratching devices and similar…In fact it is amazing what different key usages people can think of. Since people usually do not pay lot of attention to their keys they tend to do a lot with the same. Keys just like locks are highly useful devices and mechanism, but since they are so common they are very much given for granted and for same reason no one thinks of eventual consequences when he/ she tries to open a beer bottle with his/hers home key instead with bottle opener. Keys do may seem solid and strong enough to cope with various mechanical pressures, and most of the time they are but if you wish them to serve their main purpose perfectly then you should definitely avoid using them for anything else but opening the locks.

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